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Professional Shop Blue Wall Mounted Garage Vac Wet Dry Pick Up

Professional Shop Blue Wall Mounted Garage Vac Wet Dry Pick Up

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  • POWERFUL 162 CFM - The wall mountable Prolux Garage Vac produces an amazing 162 CFM. More Simply put, it makes quick work out of even the most strenuous cleaning tasks!
  • DURABLE - Quality materials, HEPA filtration and wet/dry pick up ensures the longevity of this unit. Also includes wall mountable 30 foot crush proof hose and tool bag to keep everything neat and organized. We are so confident in The Prolux Garage Vacuum that we offer a 3 Year Warranty on the unit.
  • BLOWER/INFLATOR - Connect the hose to the exhaust port for inflation capabilities! This works great for blowing dust and debris out of crevices using detailing tools. Convenient inflation tools make it a easy to inflate balloons, air mattresses, above ground pools, kayaks, rafts etc...
  • TOOLS FOR ANY JOB - The Prolux Garage Vacuum Standard Series comes with a tool for any job! Extension wands, detailing / inflating tool, crevice tool for those hard to get corners and squeegee for wet pickup.
  • GV MINI TURBO HEAD - This tool is continually named as one the most convenient and high quality vacuum attachments on the market. The GV Mini Turbo Head comes with anti slip geared belt and spinning brushroll that can remove pet hair from any surface! Ideal for small spaces such as cars, couches and stairs. EPA Establishment Number: 100571-UT-1

Product Description


Tools to clean every nook and cranny of your car including NEW improved floor tool! Blower feature is perfect to get dust and crumbs between your dash parts.


Attach the hose to the top inlet to blow-up mattresses, pool toys and balloons or to use the shampooer tool. Switch to the bottom inlet and get 162 CFM of suction power to deep clean your car, garage and home!


HEPA filter and cloth filter bag ensures no dust or allergens will enter your air while vacuuming.

Prolux...Cleaning Reinvented!

At Prolux our Engineers design about 7 new models of cleaning appliances per year. Our mission at Prolux is to make your life easier. We know that no one likes to clean (well almost no one) & you want to get back to spending time with those you love! At Prolux we don't believe in making cheap disposable cleaners like most other vacuum companies. Instead our goal is for you to pull your cleaner out of your closet a decade from now and say "Wow I am so glad I bought this!".

  • USA Owned and Operated!

Prolux Wet/Dry Garage Vacuum

Vacuum, Shampoo & Detail Your Car, Garage & Home!

The Prolux Garage Vacuum is a powerful wet/dry vacuum that will take your garage and car cleanliness to the next level! This durable unit is the answer to vacuuming, dusting, upholstery shampooing and blowing. The included tools will allow you to fully detail your car. After a rainy day, slide on the squeegee attachment and get that floor garage floor clean and dry. This units blower feature often comes in handy by allowing you to inflate pools, mattresses, rafts, balloons etc!

  • Blower - 4 blower attachments offer the perfect size to detail or inflate nearly anything! Great for balloons, air mattresses and inflatable pools.
  • Suction - 162 CFM(Cubic Feet per Minute of AirFlow) of deep cleaning power at the unit.
  • Mini Turbo - This little guy is pet hairs worst nightmare. The spinning brush roll and rubber fingers easily untangle pet hair from any upholstery or carpet type.
  • Handheld Shampooer - Easily shampoo your upholstery with hand held shampoo sprayer and extraction tool.
  • Wall Mountable - Includes all hardware needed to mount the vacuum and tool storage to your wall.
Intended Use Garage & Household Household Household Household
Hose Length 30 ft 35 ft N/A 30 ft
CFM 162 150 150 N/A
Storage Caddy X
HEPA Filtration X
Wet Pickup X X X
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