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Clay Mitt for Car Detailing, Auto Detailing Clay Bar Infused Mitt, 1Pc Red Car Detailing Glove Clay Mitt for Paint, Glass, Wheels & Decontamination Cleaning. (8.7In. X 5.7In.) (Red)

Clay Mitt for Car Detailing, Auto Detailing Clay Bar Infused Mitt, 1Pc Red Car Detailing Glove Clay Mitt for Paint, Glass, Wheels & Decontamination Cleaning. (8.7In. X 5.7In.) (Red)

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  • Auto Detailing Clay Bar Mitt -- Our clay mitt is the best alternative to clay bar. Use the clay mitt for car detailing before polishing and waxing to avoid swirls or scratches on the surface, remove environmental deposits with minimal damage. this new advanced clay mitt make car detailing and claying your car a lot easier and faster, save time and washable, reusable for 20-40 times of car detailing.
  • Effectively & Save Time -- West Horse Clay Mitt for car detailing lead you to a new era of car claying, This Advanced mitt utilizes the best polymer rubber technology paired with premium microfiber cloth to safely, efficiently and easily remove most surface contaminates and prepare for polishing, waxing for a silky smooth paint finish.
  • Release Various Contaminants-- Our clay mitt can use on auto paint, rubber molding, plastics and especially glass, wheels and more, can remove heavy water stains, ferrous powder, pollen, acid rain effects, bird dropping, rail dust, tree sap, insect viscera, industrial fallout from your car and be ready for polishing.
  • Durable & Reusable -- When a clay bar is dropped we may need replace it for a new one, but the clay mitt can be washed and won’t become melted or or starting to deteriorate even after 20 time’s use. WEST HORSE clay mitt is reusable, cleaning it as easy as giving it a good rinse and it will continue to perform the job.
  • How To Use-- Sufficient lubrication is crutial to the clay mitt application. Paint water is not an adequate lubricant. Clay mitt is not solvent resistant. Remove tar or grease before application. It could potentially leave light micro-marring to the surface that would then be corrected when polishing the vehicle for a silky smooth finish.

Product Description

High Quality Clay Material

Clay Bar Alternative, this Clay Mitt is made of a high-quality synthetic clay material, One side is clay , one side is microfiber cloth, which can effectively remove obstructive pollutants and provide the best finish for your paint.

Easier & Efficient

Effectively remove contaminants from automotive paint work and glass. Safe for use with your favorite clay lube products. Use before waxing and polishing to help sealants and waxes make a better bond to the clear coat, increases gloss, depth of color, and shine.

Remove Contaminants

Car Detailing Glove Wash Mitt for Paint, Glass, Wheels Flawless Cleaning, can quickly remove the pollutants (such as paint oxidation, water stains, iron powder, asphalt, tree sap, bird droppings, etc.) on the car surface, and leave your car paint surface smooth and silky.

Fits Like A Glove

The clay mitt has large enough effective surface area which will reduce detailing time and efforts and perfect for large work area.You can grab the clay mitt firmly in your hand, and won’t accidentally drop the mitt onto the ground. The glove design fits your hand perfectly, make your car detailing process easier, more efficient and quicker.

Wide Application

In addition to car surface paint, you can also use it to clean the glass, mirror, lights, bumpers, wheel hubs and other parts. Make it more bright.For any surface and any curved surface.


Before use, please thoroughly wash the vehicle to remove all loose surface contaminants. Use with mild shampoo as lubrication, then scrub the lubrication areas with light pressure. After use, gently wash off the dirt from the glove clay surface with clean water and let it air dry. You can use it for multiple times for several vehicles.

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