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Car Detailing Brush Set Detail Brush, 6 Pack Boars Hair Auto Detailing Brushes Kit for Cleaning Car Automotive Interior Exterior, Vehicles Wheels Engine Console Dashboard, 1 Wheel Brush, 1 Wire Brush

Car Detailing Brush Set Detail Brush, 6 Pack Boars Hair Auto Detailing Brushes Kit for Cleaning Car Automotive Interior Exterior, Vehicles Wheels Engine Console Dashboard, 1 Wheel Brush, 1 Wire Brush

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  • [DROP-OFF RESISTANT, DENSE BRISTLES] Detail brushes bristles are made of natural odorless boar hair. The car detailing brush does not fall off and the hairs don’t shed during detailing. Dense bristles line up tightly, making the detail brush able to hold and remain a good amount of soap water for effective cleaning. the auto detailing brushes are suitable for dry and wet dual use. Built by premium material and great craftsmanship, the detailing brushes are sturdy after repeated detailing.
  • [FLEXIBILE AND EFFICIENT BOAR HAIR DETAIL BRUSHES] Natural boar hair bristles are strong enough to efficiently agitate grime, dirt, dust and debris, but also soft enough to move freely. The car detailing brushes wont leave scratch marks on delicate surfaces, like glass, painted and polished surface. What’s more, the metal-free handle and ferrule construction prevent scratching if you accidentally hit the surface, ensuring it is the safest detail brush for your vehicle.
  • [HANDLE WITH HANGING HOLE AND SIZE NUMBER] The handle of car detailing brush designs a hanging hole with a string for hanging. You can easily store the detail brushes and keep them handy. Each automotive detailing brush has number marked on its handle, which stands for different sizes. Compared with wood handle, plastic handle will not swell or crack after touching water for a long time. The handle is very comfortable to grip.
  • [VARIOUS SIZES FOR INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR DETAILING] The set of 6 boar hair detailing brushes can be applied for various cleaning needs. The larger detail brushes are good for some easy-to-reach or wider areas and exterior. The small detail brushes are convenient for cleaning nooks, crannies. The auto detailing brushes set is perfect for cleaning car's interior and exterior, like lug nuts, emblems, rims, air vents, center console, dashboard, engine bay, leather seat, wheels, tire rubbers.
  • [BONUS BRUSHES, GREAT AFTER-SALES SERVICE] The car detailing brush kit comes with a copper wire brush that is used to get dust of unfinished metal parts and 1 wheel brush that can be used to clean the car wheels. If you are worried about car detailing, you just need this detailing brush set to help you. The detail brush is backed on 100% satisfactory guarantee. You can contact us any time if you has any dissatisfaction and we will refund your money or send new replacement.

Product Description

Car cleaning service doesn't include cleaning to details. So it is essential for preparing detailing brush kit by your own to make your vehicle brand new. The cleaning function of detail brush is fulfilled by wiggling brush back and forth. Choose LANNEY car detailing brushes to give your car a high-efficient detailing and a finished look.

Good-quality boar hair

There is a close fit between handle and head, so the brush head don't fall out. The boar hair bristles of the detailing brush are compact and do not shed. Bristles with density ensure good cleaning effect. The auto detail brushes suit for both wet and dry use.

The detail brushes keep intact after repeated uses. Natural boar hair detailing brush is strong enough to agitate dust, grime, dirt and debris, but soft enough to not scratch painted, powder-coated and polished surfaces.

Humanized Design

Numbers are marked on each handle in order to quickly distinguish sizes and use better.

Each detail brush adds a hanging hole with practical string which is convenient for hanging dry and easy storage.

Plastic handle never gets mouldy or cracked. It is lightweight, easy to operate, comfortable to grip.

Perfect set

Boar hair detail brushes set, 6 of different sizes.

18# length 9.25", 16# length 9.2",14# length 9", 12# length 8.9", 10# length 8.25", 8# length 7.5"

Larger boar hair detailing brushes can be used to clean larger areas. Smaller ones work for hard-to- reach places, nooks, crannies and crevices.

Copper wire brush helps to clean some metal areas. Length 10.5"

Round-head nylon brush helps in cleaning wheels. Length 6.5"

Life Assistance

Car detailing brush set is perfect for detailing car interior and exterior parts: center console, dashboard, steering wheel, engine bay, exhaust pipe, tire rubber, leather seat, badges, emblems, lug nuts, air vent, rims. The detailing brushes also can be used in cleaning up desktop or computer keyboard. Make use of detail brushes in various aspects and they will become a great assistance of life.

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