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10 Piece Edgeless Detailing Towels

10 Piece Edgeless Detailing Towels

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40x40CM edgeless Microfiber Auto Cleaning Towels Multifunctional Car Detailing Towel Automotive Washing dry Cloth

★ Ultra-absorbent microfiber towels Grip Root weave works like PLANT ROOT FOLLICLES, sucking up & LOCKING AWAY 8x to 10x its weight in liquid, particulates, moisture, grime and dirt in far LESS TIME than traditional ‘Heavy Duty’ microfiber cloths.
★ WON’T LINT, SCRATCH, PILL, SWIRL, SHED or BLEED like a thin, cheaply made microfiber cleaning cloth for cars. release layers make these the ideal microfiber cleaning cloths for cars, creating that spectacular, SWIRL FREE MIRROR SHINE.
★ LASTS 1200+ WASHES - That’s 3.27 YEARS worth of use in this COMMERCIAL GRADE 300 GSM micro fiber towels. make the ideal ECO FRIENDLY, SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION for cleaning every SURFACE, CRACK & CREVICE in your home, garage or office. MACHINE WASHABLE, Tumble Dry.
★ SOAK IT UP FASTER 4X’s MORE ABSORBENT than COTTON cloths, these are the microfiber cleaning cloth for cars to get if you want an ALL PURPOSE cleaning towels that scoops up your messes, oils and liquids FASTER than a SPONGE, more SANITARILY than your mop and with ZERO DANGEROUS WET SPOTS like your WET VAC.

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